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The Black Stallion (1979) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 18 March 2011 08:27 (A review of The Black Stallion (1979))

Beautifully photographed and directed. It's about a Boy(Kelly Reno)Alec who is traveling in a ship with his father. There's a storm and they are shipwrecked. The next morning, the boy wakes up on an island. What follows is Alec trying to befriend the Black, and one of the most beautiful cinematographies ever.This scene is a delight to watch. The scariest part of it was when a cobra comes in front of the boy. The stallion saves the boy's life when he tramples on the cobra. He is then rescued by fishermen but he refuses to leave the island without the horse. Once the horse and the boy are home, there is trouble. A back yard is no place to keep a horse especialy a wild one like the Black. The horse runs away and ends up on a farm owned by a former jockey(Mickey Rooney). He then proceeds to train the boy and the horse for a race. The race scene at the end is by far the best horse race ever filmed.

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The Paper (1994) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 18 March 2011 08:27 (A review of The Paper (1994))

This has to be one of the most underrated movies of all time. It's a movie about a New York city tabloid that misses the true story entirely. Two young Black men arrested (framed) for the murder of some rich white guys. The hero is a news editor who doesn't want to run the bogus story because it will cause race riots. He makes great personal sacrifices for this. The Paper definatly captures the clausterphobic feel of a newsroom, the harsh sense of humor common among the news staff, the hours involved in doing the job right and most importantly the differences in reporters opinions and personalities. This film captures almost perfectly the reaction a true "newshound" would have to have to report a potentially BIG story. The cast, Keaton and Tomei in particular, take what most outsiders would see as weird and paranoid people, and make them into characters we want to watch.

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Alpha Dog (2006) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 18 March 2011 08:26 (A review of Alpha Dog (2006))

I love this movie! It's based on a true story about a small time drug dealer trying to make it big like his old man. Its starts out simple a dozen kids with too much time, money and drugs on thier hands. When the The main charcter Johnny Truelove, feels he's getting stiffed by one of the dealers - Jake Mazursky - working for him, they get into a fist fight. Truelove about to be on the losing end of the fight pulls out a gun, and this becomes the first of a hundred stupid mistakes these kids make. Everything comes to a head when Truelove and his friends just happen to run into Mazursky's younger brother, and Trulove thinks he can get back at Muzursky by holding his brother. Not till later does he realize he just commited a serious crime that carries a lengthy prison term. There is a lot of options for Truelove now, but he only sees one. This movie has a lot of good young actors and I think everyone of them nailed their roles, but none like Justin Timberlake, (I never cared for Timberlake or his boy band)but the relationship between Timberlakes and the younger Mazursky was absolutely heartbreaking. I almost had to walk out of the theater during the climax because it was so gut-wrenching to watch that terrified boy reaching out for comfort to the one who was killing him. Other than young kids I would recommend this movie to anyone.

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Radio Flyer (1992) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 26 February 2011 07:31 (A review of Radio Flyer (1992))

I love this film. It is so multifaceted. The basic premise of this movie: two boys build a magical flying machine out of an old Radio Flyer wagon so that the younger boy, who is abused by his stepfather - the King -, can escape the abuse. In the end, the machine works, and Bobby, the little boy, is able to get away, abandoning his mother, older brother, school, and life in the process. The ending with Bobby flying away doesn't make sense. Surely the mother would have fetched him back etc. Then I saw it again and the clue is in the end when 'Mike' (Tom Hanks) finishes telling the story and says to his sons something like...'Now you see what I mean about history being in the mind of the teller? That's the way I choose to remember it.' My reading of the film then changed. Bobby flying away to somewhere safe was merely a metaphor. He never made it. The 'King' eventually killed him. If you don't agree then watch it again. I love it. I love children and the way their minds work and I think Tom Hanks does a terrific job in bringing the narration to life. The two young boys are absolutely marvellous and both went on to bigger and better things. This is one of my favorit films

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Racing with the Moon (1984) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 26 February 2011 06:32 (A review of Racing with the Moon (1984))

I am absolutly amazed at how few people have seen this movie! It's a great movie about two friends (Sean Penn & Nicholas Cage) growing up in a coastal town in Northern California. It's 1942 and a few weeks before the young men are to be inducted in the service. Their lives will be changed unequivocally, and they will no longer be boys. Penn falls in love with McGovern and Cage gets his girlfriend pregnant. Two weeks is all the time they have left to enjoy their freedoms and right their wrongs. There is a couple of sub plots that are all tied in very nicely and I am positive you will enjoy this hidden gem!

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Jaws review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 25 February 2011 08:40 (A review of Jaws)

OK, Jaws is undoubtedly one of Spielberg's five best films. Expert cinematography, well-chosen cast, and John William's infamous ominous score make this a feature you'll find either hokey or horrifying. I found it the latter. Roy Scheider is excellent as police chief/father and no one can possible replace Robert Shaw as Quint. All his mannerisms and actions seem 100% suited for a grizzled shark hunter like him. Probably some of the most gruesome deaths ever on celluloid. Watch this and never swim again.

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Clerks review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 25 February 2011 08:39 (A review of Clerks)

Kevin Smith is a fine director, and a brilliant writer. I've enjoyed all of his films. But this, his first, is the one that people almost always like the best. One of the funniest films of the 1990s, it has acquired true cult status. Anyone who's ever worked with the general public can appreciate the sad dilemmas of these two hapless, underpaid convenience-store clerks. Having done the job myself, I can attest that much of what goes on in this movie is not too far removed from real life. Even its crudeness and vulgarity add an element of realism. This is a shabby business. While many wince at its profanity, this is the way a great many young people actually talk. Smith's raunchy sense of humor fits perfectly into this setting. This film also shows why most convenience stores have NO public restrooms. This is one of the wildest, most uproarious, darkly comic scenes ever. Lastly, Clerks provides some keen insights, especially on the difficulties of finding oneself. Dante, the main character, really has a problem deciding what he wants to do with his life. Obviously, it should be something better than working here. He also needs to decide which girlfriend he desires (an enviable choice, but it would be an easy one for me). Randall, his sidekick, seems content with what he's doing -- even though he dislikes the customers. He just accepts the way things are. It's worth seeing at least several times.

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Legends of the Fall (Special Edition) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 25 February 2011 08:38 (A review of Legends of the Fall (Special Edition))

The first word that is coming up when I am thinking about this movie is --- beautiful. There is no another word which can describe it better. The nature is astounding and takes the breath out of you. The story pendles between the large mountains in Montana, the citylife in Helena to the trenches in France. In the middle of the story stands the love of three brothers, all passionately inlove with the same women. There is greef, love and friendship, which really makes you feel alive when you are wathing the film. The actorensemble couldn't have been more perfect. This is clearly the most interesting role that Brad Pitt has ever played. Hopkins, Quinn and Ormond are also brilliant in their roles. It is like every scene has a speciall message. The lines are beautiful and so well thought out. Both the characters and the story fells credible. Upon all this the music is wonderful and powerful. Through the whole movie I was on the verg of tears and I think that that Legend of the Fall is one of the best movies ever made --- if not the best!

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Chasing Amy (The Criterion Collection) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 25 February 2011 08:38 (A review of Chasing Amy (The Criterion Collection))

Most films that are billed as a 'comedy / drama' are a comedy with a single dramatic sequence or a drama with one or two wry one-liners. This movie succeeds incredibly at walking the line between uproarious laughter and emotional drama, often almost simultaneously. Keven Smith manages to craft a tale that many 20-somethings can completely identify with - dating the woman who makes you feel inadequate. Ignore the advertising about 'dating a lesbian' - this movie is about insecurity and relationships. With Ben Affleck in his career-best performance, the always wonderful Jason Lee and the (squeaky-voiced) Joey Lauren Adams. the true star of this movie is the script and direction by Kevin Smith. Other points of note : the wonderful music (never released as a commercial soundtrack), the fantastic supporting role played by Dwight Ewell, the fantastic ending, and above all, the mesmerising monologue by Kevin Smith / Silent Bob that lays the whole foundation for the movie, and provides its most memorable moment. Highest recommendation.

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Glory (Special Edition) review

Posted : 7 years, 4 months ago on 25 February 2011 08:37 (A review of Glory (Special Edition))

A brilliant performance by Denzel Washington, The cinematography and all the battle scenes are exceptionally well done.The acting is above average by all the cast.The script is good and very well written.The film re-creates the period with remarkable accuracy, Glory is an enlightening and entertaining tribute to heroes too long forgotten.

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